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Japan-related links
  1. International Conference (Feb.10-12.2015)
    ITRI, UK DECC and IGES co-organise the International Conference on 2050 Calculator in Taipei
  2. Web Version of Low Carbon Navigator
  3. Trial workshop of the Japan 2050 Low Carbon Navigator (May.12.2014)
  4. The News of Japan 2050 Pathways Calculator (May.2.2014)
  5. The preliminary results of the Japan 2050 Pathways Calculator developed by IGES and NIES (Feb.20.2014)
  6. IGES Interview Series: What is the “2050 Low Carbon Navigator”?
UK-related links
  1. 2050 Pathways Guidance (UK Department of Energy and Climate Change [DECC])
  2. The UK 2050 Calculator (web tool version)
  3. My2050 simulation (simplified version)
Media Coverage
  1. "Low Carbon Navigator" was covered by Asahi Shinbun. (posted on July 22, 2014)

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